Present Continuous Tense Set 1

Soalan 1:
Miss Nadia __________ some posters to her students in the class now.

Soalan 2:
Can you see Ahmad? He __________ behind the tree.

Soalan 3:
The teacher is looking at her watch. She __________ the students to stop work.

Soalan 4:
Look! The thieves __________ after robing the shop.

Soalan 5:
Come in! It is __________ heavily outside.

Soalan 6:
The dentist is __________ my father's bad tooth now.

Soalan 7:
My grandmother __________ in the kitchen now.

Soalan 8:
All students __________ in the class right now.

Soalan 9:
They __________ their class party this Wednesday.

Soalan 10:
She is __________ to her favourite singer.

Kongsi Set

Semak keputusan anda dengan menghantar jawapan

Statistik Set

Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 6
10 soalan
493 kali dilihat
136 kali dijawab

Statistik Keseluruhan

Jumlah Subjek 22
Jumlah Set 293
Jumlah Soalan 3037
Jumlah Set Dijawab 29332

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