Conjunctions Set 1

Soalan 1:
Mery sketched a picture __________ Sally sang a song.

Soalan 2:
She cannot see properly __________ she is partially blind.

Soalan 3:
__________ he had a lot of money, he went to the town to spend it.

Soalan 4:
Aidil can run fast __________ he cannot jump very high.

Soalan 5:
We are not allowed to go out __________ the principle says so.

Soalan 6:
She was crying __________ her sister beat her.

Soalan 7:
I waited for him __________ 6.00 p.m but he did not turn up.

Soalan 8:
She was sleeping __________ his sister was studying.

Soalan 9:
The painting was very famous __________ expensive.

Soalan 10:
She switched on the lights __________ it was very dark.

Kongsi Set

Semak keputusan anda dengan menghantar jawapan

Statistik Set

Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 4
10 soalan
387 kali dilihat
98 kali dijawab

Statistik Keseluruhan

Jumlah Subjek 22
Jumlah Set 293
Jumlah Soalan 3037
Jumlah Set Dijawab 29332

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