Pronouns Set 1

Soalan 1:
__________ are sorry to inform you that our class for this night has been cancelled.

Soalan 2:
We cannot believe him. __________ said he will try to climb Mt. Everest.

Soalan 3:
She did not invite __________. So, we did not go for his birthday party.

Soalan 4:
He could not buy those toys. __________ were too expensive for him.

Soalan 5:
The dog barked at __________ laudly and then run away.

Soalan 6:
Siti and Nurul are friends. __________ face the problem together.

Soalan 7:
Hong Kong is a grand city. __________ is full of tall building.

Soalan 8:
The bride is beuty. __________ has a sweet smile.

Soalan 9:
He lost his wallet. He could not find __________.

Soalan 10:
I wrote a letter to __________ last month.

Kongsi Set

Semak keputusan anda dengan menghantar jawapan

Statistik Set

Bahasa Inggeris Tahun 4
10 soalan
433 kali dilihat
106 kali dijawab

Statistik Keseluruhan

Jumlah Subjek 22
Jumlah Set 293
Jumlah Soalan 3037
Jumlah Set Dijawab 29332

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